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About Us- International Patients Departement

Dear Guest, Welcome to Khatam-ol-Anbia Specialized Hospital

In order to accelerate and facilitate your service and increase your satisfaction, a unit called IPD (International Patients Department), is located in this center on the ground floor (admission - hospitalization).

Hospital Address: Valisr St., Vanak Square, up the Mirdamad Boulevard, Rashid Yasemi St.,

Telephone: 00982188884040

Expert of International Patients: Maryam Ahmadi

Direct Contact Number: 00982183553666


Internal Call Number: 3666-3667

Physicians of International Patients: Dr. Maziar Majidi - Dr. Seyedeh Jeyhan Hosseini

Dimissory of International Patients: Maryam Heydari

Technical accountable for International Patients: Dr. Seyedeh Jeyhan Hosseini

Activities of International Patients Department:

- Personal and virtual counseling with the physician of the International Patient Department

- Possibility to communicate with an IPD physician after dismiss

- Issuing a card

- Free internet access without restrictions

- Ordering out- of-the-menu food

- Access the Urban Transportation Service at the earliest possible distance

- Safe access to the nearest exchange:

 1- unit 2, 1st floor, Eskan Shopping Center, Mirdamad Blvd, Vali Asr Ave.,

 2- Sayeh Tower, opposite of Mellat Park, Vali Asr Ave., 

- Access to the nearest hotel:

 1- Esteghlal Hotel: intersection of Chamran Highway, Valiasr Highway, (highly modern with Unparalleled Features - Wireless Internet - LCD TV - Access to satellite news networks - Using Central Air Conditioning System and the most modern facilities ... ).

 2- Homa Hotel: Shahid Khodami St. Vanak Square (with special facilities, refrigerator, TV, pool, suite, restaurant, internet access, Iranian and non-Iranian toilet, car park, praying room, lobby, satellite, gym, shop, loge, coffee shop ...)

- The presence of nurses speaking foreign languages ​​for more and better communication with international patients

- Possibility of communication and submission of a case before personal visiting using the following communication methods:

  Fax number of Khatam-ol-Anbia Hospital: 00982188790298